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Prewitt Spurr


1905 Bucket and Wooden Ware Manufacturers apparently

Nashville TN

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toy1Factory of the Hill Trunk Company

toy2J. L. Hill


From the Centennial Album. Contributed by Carol

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Ward Seminary

Ward Seminary W.E. Ward’s Seminary for Young Ladies operated from 1865-1913

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Bijou Theater

Bijou Theater

423 4th Avenue North

From CinemaTreasures: Built on the site of the former Adelphi/Grand Opera House, the Bijou was the Nashville flagship of the Bijou Amusement Company, one of the first African American theatre chains in the south. For close to forty years, the theatre featured both live performance and film until it was razed in 1957 for construction of the new Municipal Auditorium.

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Admiral Benbow


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biltmorematchesHighway 31, Franklin Road, Nashville Tn

Hewitt C. Davis Owner



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