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Park Plaza Courts Nashville, TN
Could this be it?park plaza courtsU.S. Highways 41 & 70 South
Nashville, Tenn.
Phone ALpine 6-8112

This was a little promotional date book that a local TV repairman used to keep track of his business briefly in 1957.
parkplazacourts002parkplazacourts003Lizzie Humble AL5-6859  BR7-4003
parkplazacourts004A list of tubes kept in the car.
parkplazacourts005Evidently Nettie Ruth’s radio needed 2 capacitors, 1 tube and a pilot bulb.


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Bowling in the 1950s

Anyone recognize the alley?

That was alley 16 at Melrose. It wouldn’t take a hook worth a durn.
Some of those folks look familiar too.
-Lou Vodopya

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