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“After merging in the 1930s with the Fourth and First National Bank (and you thought “Fifth Third” was the first numerically bizarre name to show up on a bank here?), the rechristened First American National Bank would become Nashville’s largest locally based financial institution. It would remain so until AmSouth Bancorp bought it out in 1999.”
-Nashville Post

“Virtually every large bank in America issued currency before the Great Depression. The practice of issuing bank notes went back to frontier days, when a person might walk into a bank with a bag of gold and ask to have it exchanged for redeemable currency. The bank might not have had enough American cash on hand in such circumstances, and so it might give the man notes backed by the individual bank and signed by the bank’s cashier.The practice of bank notes continued into the 20th century. When you got a loan from a Nashville bank, the bank might give you notes that were backed by the full faith and credit of the bank itself.”


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