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Anyone Remember Skating At The Hippodrome?

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2613 West End Avenue

References on the net..
“…my grandfather had been a horse-trader and blacksmith in Nashville at the site where the old Hippodrome Roller Rink was. (I roller skated there for many years before it became a Holiday Inn) ‘

“Here he met his wife-to-be Dottie one Friday night at the Hippodrome Roller Rink.”

“We were hangin’ around at Melfi’s and at the Hippodrome, listening to “Little Green Apples” and “I’m a Girl Watcher” on WMAK.”

“Live wrestling at the Hippodrome.”

“…They planned a Christmas fairyland, with beautiful and exciting gift displays from local merchants. The show started as a one-day event at the Hippodrome on West End.


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