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Noel Hotel

Noel Hotel

200 4th avenue north

Found this..interesting…
[United States Fidelity & Guarantee Co. vs. Yose, 183 S. 260.]
On May 14, 1931, Robert L. Payne was a member of a flying squadron in the service of the United States Government, and his squadron was spending the night at Nashville. While being transported upward from one floor to another at the Noel Hotel in an elevator operated by Gaines Ensley, Payne was thrown or fell to the floor due to a sudden jerk of the elevator, and its inner door being open, his head was caught between the floor of the elevator and the beam at the rise of the next floor, resulting in the instant death of Sergeant Payne.

Room 707 key
200 4th avenue north
Bank and office building
Nashville’s Smartest Hotel

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