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The Vauxhall

From “Yesterday’s Nashville” by Carl Zibart

The Vauxhall Apartments, popular early in the 20th century, were at Broadway and Ninth Avenue South. The building was originally part of Dr. Price’s College for Young Ladies, where 5,800 young women were educated by Dr. George W. Price and his excellent faculty, beginning in the late 1870s. When Dr. Price died in 1897, it was used as a hotel for Tennessee Centennial Exposition visitors. Later, Vanderbilt bought the three buildings, converting two of them to “flats” or apartments. The other became the Vanderbilt School of Dentistry. The site is now occupied by the United States Courthouse.

Around the mid 1880’s a developer in Nashville decided to make the area from Broad St. at 8th Ave out past Clark Place a park and upscale neighborhood. He named the area after the London park, Vauxhall Gardens. The street in the center between 8th and the Union Station (9th Ave) was known as Vauxhall and it kept this name until the early 1900’s. As a part of this development, a huge exclusive apartment building was constructed and was very upscale I’ve heard. However, by the 1920’s, things had changed and the upscale neighborhoods had moved on out near a new park called Centennial. The Vauxhall became more of a hotel where the rents were low and the clients were transient.
-Jim Stephens


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